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How it Works

Simplify long web addresses


Into short, memorable, and branded URL


Track and analyze every website visit

Monitor and analyze website traffic on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis with detailed click tracking

Why Shortrl.io?

Get the best value and the most advanced features in the market with Shortrl.io, the all-in-one platform for cost-effective URL shortening and branded link management

Managing URLs

A dashboard with strong capabilities.
Customizable, editable short URLs
Multiple short URLs
Lifetime access to URLs.
One-click social share
301 HTTP redirects
Password protection
Add custom title/label

Branding and APIs

Custom domains with branding
Multiple domains
Branded vanity URLs
Free SSL (by Let’s Encrypt)
Custom SSL certificate
404 redirect
Multiple API keys
Custom rate limit

In-depth Analytics

Reporting through the dashboard
Advanced charts for data analysis.
Private or public reports
Timeline chart
Custom analytics reports
Unique & repeated clicks
Filtering options

Campaigns and Actions

Organize URLs into campaigns or tags
Multiple short URLs
Analytics reports for individual campaigns
Campaign management
Import bulk URLs
Update bulk URLs 
Download all URLs


Instance option
Load balancer
Dedicated IP address
GDPR privacy
Advanced support services
Onboarding & setup

High-demand Add-ons

Partners (user seats)
White labeling option
Single sign-on (SSO)
Active Users
URLs Shortened
Clicks Served

Customer experiences

Hear from our customers about their experiences using Shortrl.io's Custom URL Shortener and how it helped them create branded short URLs to meet their business needs

"We have found Shortrl.io to be a reliable and responsive provider. Their system has consistently provided us with 100% uptime for almost a year, and any questions or issues we have had have been promptly addressed. They even developed a custom API for us in less than 24 hours. We believe Shortrl.io has a strong internal team who consistently delivers excellent service."

Gabrielle Hardy , Head Marketing

"Our experience working with the Shortrl.io team was smooth and efficient. Their clear documentation and helpful support allowed us to effectively solve our business issues in a timely manner."

Paula Young, Product Manager

"Our Sales Department needed a way to link to vendor data sheets and documents, but the product record field in our ERP system was too small to accommodate the necessary URLs. This presented a challenge for us."

Travis Gardner, Sales Manager

"While searching for a partner to provide custom branded URL shortened links, we found many options. However, T2M stood out as a cost-effective choice among them, which was especially important for us as a mid-range startup. The expensive plans offered by other popular options were not practical for us, but Shortrl.io provided the solution we needed at a more reasonable price."

Gavin Clark, Product Owner
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